Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Decor - Oh What to Do, What To Do....

This past weekend I enjoyed two full days home with my husband and my animals. It is very rare that I get consecutive days home with nothing to do. Between work, the pit bull rescue I work with, my group of friends that have kids and there always seems to be a party for something or another. My life if very busy but I like it that way!

My latest mission is getting my home decor to the place where I want it, and I want to do it all myself. I like figuring things out for myself and plus I don't have alot of extra cash to buy what I want. I want my home to be my cozy sanctuary. When I get home at the end of the day I want to walk in my house and feel like it's wrapping it's warm, soft arms around me.

My house was built back in 1941 and there is not a smooth wall, even floor or normal ceiling in the whole place. But that is okay, it has been well loved. It is a tiny house, total square footage is 998 sq. feet. Told you it was small! My kitchen is a galley kitchen and does not have room for a table and chairs. But since we do not have any children, sit down dinners are not a necessity in our home. I do have my grandmother's table with two chairs in my living room so when we have company that is where we eat.

I am painting the kitchen in my two favorite colors, brown with forest green trim. I know it sounds dark but, it gets incredible light during the day. I have stone flooring tiles to lay and purchased green materials to make a faux roman shade.

Above the wall of cabinets are three two part cubbies....I painted them green this weekend and am experimenting with decor to go in them..ignore the gap at the ceiling, the trim was taken down and is being painted.

I have so many different ideas and thoughts about what I can do with my house but I suspect it will be a constant work in progress.

If you have any ideas for me please leave me a comment below....

I am going to leave you with this one last picture. I call it my home defenders in action!!!!

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  1. I love brown/green together! Your "protectors" are just too cute.