Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado's, Flooding, and Earthquakes, OH MY!

I was going to post up the work I did on my kitchen over the weekend but I have been in such a funk today since I woke up to the horrible images of the recent tornado's and their path of destruction. When you see a seasoned reporter from the weather channel break down on air, you just can't ignore how severe the devistation is. I live on Lake Erie about an hour south of Buffalo, NY. Yes, we get hammered with snow, but you know what, at least I know that my home will always be here keeping my hubby and animals safe. Yes, driving can be very dangerous but most of us seasoned winter drivers, we know when to stay home.

My heart just hurts for the people who have been affected. And I worry about the animals as well. As a animal lover and animal rescuer I know alot of times they get pushed aside and are left to fend for themselves. The sad thing is that they are domesticated, meaning, they CAN'T fend for themselves. If anyone knows of any rescues in the affected area please let me know. I would like to donate supplies and $$ to help them get the family companions safe and sound.

I wish for all my blogging buddies and everyone else out there in cyberworld a safe, prosperouse, healthy, happy life. I pray to our Lord that he keep us protected in his arms.

Good Night sweet blogging buddies, and may all your dreams come true!


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  1. It's just terrible. Mind-blowing! It's great to meet a fellow animal lover though! And thanks for commenting on my fake flowers post and for following my blog! I'm following you back now!

    Please visit again soon. :)